Simple Gold Text Effect

Adding Shadow Effect to the Photo

Setting the Stage Ok, let’s start by making a new document in Photoshop. I created a new document sized 500 x 500 pixels with all the default settings, RGB, 72 DPI, etc.

After creating your document, fill the background with a color/gradient of your choice. In this case I used a radial gradient, colors were #393943 and #100e19.

I then added in a texture/pattern of some “Diamond Metal Plate,” I made this texture using the Free Filter Forge Metal Plugin, which you can download for free from their website.

If you don’t want to download their application and have to install it, you can simply download the pattern that I created from here: Diamond Plate Metal Texture/Pattern.

Metal Texture Added

After adding your texture, mess with the layer mode and opacities settings to get an interesting look. I used the layer mode Overlay, with an opacity of 15%. Other good layer modes to use in this case are Soft Light, Vivid Light, and Color Dodge.

Layer Mode and Opacity Edited

Looking alright so far? One or two more things to do for the background before we get onto the text though.

Create a new layer then get out the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Set the ’style’ for the selection tool to ‘Fixed Size, then put 50% into each of the boxes, width and height.

Drag your selection onto the canvas then into the bottom right corner of your canvas, do the same but in the top left corner. Next, fill your selections with one of the purple colors that you used for your background gradient.

Corner Squares Added

Lower the opacity for this layer if you think it needs it, then, using a large, soft brush, erase away the inside (middle area) of your cubes, so you get something like this:

Square Inside Erased

Repeat this part, but using the other corners and the other color that you used for the background. After a little bit of tweaking, this is what I ended up with for my background:

Corners Erased Background Cubes

If you were unable to complete the background, then don’t worry about it, you’ll be able to download the PSD file at the end of this tutorial anyway, so you’ll be able to take a look at all of the layers later.

To finish off with the background I added in a bit of grunge at the bottom of the document, using the lighter purple as my brush color, I then changed the layer mode to Multiply and lowered the layer opacity to around 40%.

Grunge Brush Added to Background

Alright, we’re finally done for the background! I hope you enjoyed this part

Setting Up your Text This is the easy part, all you have to do is write out your desired text on the canvas. Get out your Horizontal Type Tool (just the usual one) and write out your text in whatever color you want.

Horizontal Type Tool used to add Text

In the above image I’ve used Impact as my font of choice, and it’s sized at a meager 60 pt.

Impact should come with your Windows installation (assuming you’re using Windows, anyway) but if you don’t have it, you can easily find a good alternative on a free font website such as Dafont or UrbanFonts. It’s preferred to use a fat font, with a large font size.

I find Impact does a great job in this case, but if you’re not pleased with it, I’ve listed a few good, free alternative below.


Bebas Font

Accidental Presidency:

Accidental Presidency Font

Boris Black Boxx:

Boris Black Bloxx Font

Style Your Text Pretty much the final thing we need to do is apply layer styles to our text to make it actually look good. Some of these layer style settings will depend on the size of your text, so be sure to mess with the settings a little bit if you’ve selected your own font size!

Boris Black Bloxx Font
Boris Black Bloxx Font
Boris Black Bloxx Font
Boris Black Bloxx Font

And now our text should look like this:

Layer Styles Applied to Text Layer

Looks pretty good to me!

Completion, Well we’re pretty much finished for this tutorial, thanks for taking the time to read it!

*Bling Bling* Simple Gold Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

As you can see in the above image, I’ve added some of those bling star things.

Thanks for reading and good luck with practicing!