Creating a 3d tentacles in Photoshop

Added Stroke Layer Style

Create document 250x250 pixels. Fill it with #B9CCD9 color. Create a new layer name it "tentacle". Select rectangular marquee tool [M]. Make a shape similar to mine 18 width and 240 height pixels. Fill the selection with BLACK. Don't deselect it until I tell you.

Create New Layer

Create a new layer above the tentacle layer. You don't have to rename it. I hope you have the selection still active. Fill it with #FCFCFC color. Now You should have two layers : Layer 1 and tentacle layer. Similar to the image on the left.

Added Wood Planks Texture to Background

Now apply Gaussian Filter to Layer 1. Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur with radius 4. Merge both layers CTRL+E. Now you have one layer called tentacle. You can deselect your selection selection now.

Polygon Shape Tool Screenshot

Now all we have to do is distort it. Edit>Transform>Distort. Select right-bottom corner and using SHIFT+ALT move it to a little to the center. Do it the same with right-top corner but this time move it to the right. Watch my image.

Polygon Shape Tool Settings Screenshot

Add Shear filter. Filter>Distort>Shear. You can make your own or use my settings.

Golden Badge Shape Created

Here is the most important part of this tutorial.

Add Plastic Wrap. Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap.

Settings: Highlight Strenght : 9
Detail : 9
Smoothness : 2

TIP: The trick is to add light which goes from top to bottom. It makes tentacle looks like 3D tentacle. If you want to make smaller or bigger tentacle just play with these settings.

Add some shadows. Use layer style - drop shadow with these settings:

Blend Mode: Normal
Color: Black
Opacity: 30 %
Angle: 90
Distance: 2
Spread: 0

Size: 5

Added Circle in the Middle

This is the best part. We are going to cover this tentacle with BLOOD. Download some bloody brushes or use your own. I suggest you visit There is a lot of great bloody brushes. It doesn't have to be blood. You can draw some spots using standard brushes. Create a new layer and name it "blood". Change the foregound color to #A2171A and splash some blood on the tentacle. Don't cover the whole tentacle.

(edit: Brushes available at

Stroke layer style

Set the blending mode for the "blood layer" to Color Burn. While still on the blood layer hold CTRL and select "tentacle layer". Inverse a selection CTRL+SHIFT+I and hit DELETE. Now add some adjustments : Image> Adjustments> Brightness&Contrast and enter Brightness -25.

Sharpen "tentacle layer". Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen. WOW!

Added Stroke Layer Style

Final step is to add more blood spots to the background. Using this technique you can add anything to a tentacle like slime. All you have to do now is duplicate it.


REMEMBER : The key is to properly set Plastic Wrap Filter. Add more tentacles and have fun. Just be creative!

Added Stroke Layer Style

Thanks for reading and good luck with practicing!